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Italy’s best-loved biscuit
is a unique pleasure!

Campiello Novellini are timeless, fine and aromatic shortbreads, made the way they used to be.
Only 100% Italian-ground flour, fresh and natural ingredients are used.
All the goodness of the age-old Campiello tradition for starting the day with flavour.

The “Frollini del Buongiorno” shortbreads are the favourite way of starting the day for those who
love dainty shortcrust pastry, genuine ingredients and… lots of surprising flavours.
Cream, eggs, cereals and bran, mouth-watering drops of chocolate, cocoa and hazelnuts…
with Frollini del Buongiorno, a good start to the morning is guaranteed!

Be inspired by our biscuits

Every day we bake lots of top-quality shortbreads and biscuits, goodness in the shape of authentic passion,
little delicacies that are the result of the careful selection of ingredients, skilfully made with love.

Real goodness made
up of two ingredients.
Selection and craftsmanship.