A balanced diet, each and every day

Instead of cutting out some foods – or worse still, meals – it is better to eat everything in the correct proportions, dividing our intake into three main meals and two small snacks. As a general guideline, our daily calories should be distributed as follows: 20% at breakfast, 35% at lunch, 30% at dinner, and the remaining 15% divided between a mid-morning and an afternoon snack. An idea on how to stave off your mid-morning hunger? Try Campiello Cereabel with fruit delicious biscuits packed with fibre which are ideal for a snack, but at the same time both tempting and healthy.

Rice – light and nutritious.

It is a highly digestible cereal thanks to its very small starch particles and low fibre content. It is also gluten free, and is a good source of potassium while containing only trace amounts of sodium. There are around twenty varieties. The best known are the medium-grain varieties ideal for timbales, antipasti and other hors d'oeuvre, and long-grain varieties suitable for risotto or side dishes. Then there are the aromatic long-grain varieties such as basmati; black; red and wild rices. Depending on how much processing it has undergone, rice can also be classified as brown, light brown, white or parboiled. Rice flour and puffed rice are used extensively in sweets, biscuits etc., such as Campiello Cereabel Leggeriso.

Cocoa – fill your tank with something sweet

It is the key ingredient in chocolate, so much so that the higher its percentage, the better the chocolate is considered to be. It is a food with a high energy content, and as such it must be eaten in small, controlled quantities, particularly by the overweight. While a whole bar might have more calories than a spaghetti meal, one square contains just a few but is capable of satisfying the palate and improving mood. For example, try Campiello without added sugar, a real treat to give you a sweet start to your day!

Yoghurt – the healthy touch

Yoghurt has all the nutrition of milk, but is much more easily digested. Natural (plain) yoghurt is a low-calorie food. If you really can't face the slightly sour taste on its own, rather than buying sweetened products or adding sugar, it is better to eat plain yoghurt with pieces of fresh, seasonal fruit. Doing so turns yoghurt into the ideal filling, low-calorie snack. Instead of fruit, you can also add oat flakes or other cereals. At breakfast, it is perfect with light, crumbly biscuits such as Campiello Mattinale.

Sharp as a lemon!

Disinfectant and diuretic, astringent and refreshing, lemons contain B-group vitamins, vitamin C, mineral salts and trace elements, sugars, mucilage, organic acids and flavonoids. They have a very low calorie content: only 11 per hundred grams of fruit, and 6 if you only consume the juice. Widely used in cooking, it is the go-to condiment for fish and seafood, salads and meats, but its juice and zest are also very commonly used as ingredients for sweets. Like Campiello Rusticale ricotta and lemon biscuits.

Added sugar? Only in moderation!

The brain is a great consumer of simple sugars, more specifically glucose. This is found in many foodstuffs such as fruit and milk, however, so our daily requirements are easily satisfied just by eating products from different food groups. “Added” sugars, on the other hand, are considered to be all those used to sweeten, and the “hidden” sugars contained in sweets, chocolates and drinks. It is therefore a good idea to moderate our intake, and where possible choose foods without added sugar, for example Campiello Cereabel or Novellino without added sugar.

Food labels, a precious source of information

Food labels contain a series of important information on the product you are about to purchase or eat. The manufacturer is indeed required by law to publish at least the following information: name of the product, list of ingredients, quantities, expiry date, manufacturer, batch, method of conservation. The order in which the ingredients are listed is not random: they must appear in decreasing order of quantity. For example, you can check the sodium content for Campiello Mattinale Extra, an important piece of information for those who have two moderate their salt intake.