Only the finest flours are used in our products, obtained via a special milling process which makes our unique manufacturing techniques possible, therefore providing truly excellent end results.


Produced by renowned Belgian companies specialised in the processing and production of the best cocoa and chocolate from beans grown in various areas around the world.


We use both dried fruit and fruit pastes, all from Italian and European producers.


Our butter comes from major European companies specialised in its production. Using butter gives an excellent flavour to products, and when used in moderation it is also more easily digested than other fats and oils.


We also use freshly laid Italian eggs in our products.


We only use sugar from Italian refineries.

Fresh Milk

Three times a week we receive delivery of fresh, wholesome milk from the Piedmont region. This is stored at a constant temperature in refrigerated tanks so as to maintain both its quality and freshness. These top-quality ingredients help make our leading product, the “CAMPIELLO NOVELLINO” biscuit, famous and loved around Italy, both for its flavour and its easily digested light texture.


We use pure acacia honey, whose delicate flavour and thin consistency give our products, the Novellino in particular, a unique and agreeable taste.